Baby Teeth Do Matter

Baby Teeth Do Matter Dentist Littleborough

We are proudly part of the Baby Teeth Do Matter scheme. We take the dental and overall health of our younger patients very seriously and have joined up with NHS Manchester to offer under 5’s more access to dental services. This means we are currently offering appointments to new patients under 5 years old.

Many people think baby teeth don’t matter because they’ll eventually fall out.

The truth is baby teeth do matter. Primary, or baby teeth, are very important to a child’s early physical, social and emotional development.

Why do Baby Teeth Matter?

✓Foster good nutrition through proper chewing
✓Aid in speech development
✓Build self-esteem by providing a beautiful smile
✓Enable a child to pay attention and learn in school without the distraction of dental pain
✓Save space in the jaw that is needed for proper development of adult (permanent) teeth

Talk to one of our team members today about an appointment for your child by calling us on 01706 370058 or email enquiries@mfdental.co.uk.