Dental Implant Patient – Andrew

“The problem I had was one of my crowns at the front, actually snapped and when I came to the dentist, I needed to have an implant fitted. Initially, I had a denture fitted for a while and it hadn’t particularly occurred to have the denture, so I came to have some implants. The implant I had was right in the front of my teeth and with that tooth missing I was very conscious of smiling at anybody because everybody could see so it gave me the confidence once I had the implant done to smile more.

When I first saw my smile when I had the implant fitted I was really happy with it because Kirsty the assistant and Kristof gave me a set of different shades I could have for my teeth and it was an absolute perfect match and I’m really really happy with the treatment I’ve been given. Kristof was a smashing bloke; he was from Greece and we had just had a holiday in Skiathos, so he’s been there, so we got on like a house on fire. He was really comfortable to talk to and explained the full procedures as to what I had to go through. Every single appointment that I came to it was really good with the treatment that I got offered.

I was really happy with the overall treatment that I received from the dentists; they are always very courteous. If you rung up early in the morning if you’ve got a problem they are able to see you the same day which I’ve never had in the past, all the staff are always friendly I’ve got no complaints it’s a really good practice to be with.”