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Denplan and dental charges at MF Dental Care in Littleborough

Please see below our private treatments fees guide.

TreatmentCostDenplanEssential Plans
New Patient Exam/Consultation£49.20InclusiveInclusive
Routine Examination£41.20InclusiveA & B Inclusive x 2 Yearly
X-Rays£10.60 EachInclusiveInclusive
Hygiene TreatmentFrom £48.00InclusiveA = x 2 Yearly
B = x 4 Yearly
Amalgam Fillingsfrom £72.60Inclusive10% Discount
White Filling (Front)from £94.20Inclusive10% Discount
White Filling (Back)from £107.00Inclusive10% Discount
Fissure Sealants – each£22.00Inclusive10% Discount
Root Canal (Front)from £299.00Inclusive10% Discount
Root Canal (Back)from £422.00Inclusive10% Discount
Extractionfrom £88.00Inclusive10% Discount
Crownsfrom £529.00Excluding Lab Costs10% Discount
Bridges – per unit£406.50Excluding Lab Costs10% Discount
Recement/Refix Crownfrom £40.95Inclusive10% Discount
Composite Veneerfrom £150.00
Dental Implant Consultation£45.50
Fully Restored Dental Implant£2999.00
Study Models£93.50Lab Costs10% Discount
Mouth Guardsfrom £82.50Lab Costs10% Discount
Denturesfrom £517.00Excluding Lab Costs10% Discount
Home Teeth Whitening£325.0010% Discount10% Discount
Zoom Teeth Whitening£420.0010% Discount10% Discount

Should you have any queries regarding our minimum fee guide or any other aspect of treatment, please phone 01706 370058 to speak to a member of the practice team. DENPLAN Care is a monthly payment schemes, provided in partnership with DENPLAN that covers varying aspects of your dental care with the extra benefit and reassurance of accident and emergency insurance.


Denplan Care

Denplan Care is a payment plan that allows your treating dentist to provide routine treatment and an on-going preventive dental care programme. This is the product that provides you with the most comprehensive dental care, it includes basic elements of dental treatment from examinations, X rays and scaling through to the more complex procedures such as fillings, extractions and root canal treatment. Additional costs can be incurred by the need for sedation or laboratory fees but as a DENPLAN Care registrant these are reduced as much as possible for your benefit. Supplementary insurance is also included within Denplan Care to contribute towards the cost of treatment required as a result of dental accidents and emergencies.

If you are new to our practice or previously a patient who has not attended for a while, you must be assessed prior to registering as a DENPLAN Care patient. You will be placed into 1 of the 5 categories ranging from A to E below, depending on your dental needs.

Denplan Care includes all necessary work needed. Cosmetic work and anything made by the laboratory would carry an extra fee.

Occasionally you will require remedial treatment initially to ensure you are dentally fit, prior to your registration commencing. Should this be the case your dentist will discuss this with you and provide you with a full estimate for the work required.

Denplan Care Fees BandCost
Band A£18.50
Band B£24.97
Band C£29.98
Band D£36.95
Band E£44.98

Denplan Essentials

Denplan Essentials covers 2 examinations and either 2 or 4 hygiene visits. We offer 10% off normal fees for any treatment.

Denplan Essential Fees BandCost
Band A£13.16
Band B£20.59

Denplan Children