How to avoid hidden sugars in food

Hidden sugar in food Littleborough

Which foods to avoid when cutting down on hidden sugar seem obvious. We all know the classic ones that we vow never to touch again when we are clamping down on our sugar intake. Sweets, biscuits, chocolate are but a few of the favourites that we consistently make conscious efforts to cut out!

Some people might not be aware of the hidden sugars in some of our everyday and otherwise ‘healthy’ foods. Often, foods labelled as low fat or healthy can have added sugar to make them taste better and thus more appealing.

There can be as many as 5 teaspoons of sugar in our old favourite Tomato soup, as well as in most shop bought sauces. Take a quick look at our five handy tips to avoid hidden sugars in food.

Our top tips

1. Make your meals from scratch, using fresh produce where possible. This way, you know exactly what has gone into it.

2. Always read the label and get savvy with some of the different words used for sugar in the list of ingredients in a product. There are loads, some include: Lactose, Glucose, Dextrose and Sucrose as well as syrups and fruit concentrates.

3. Try and stick to water and milk for fluids and snack on vegetables and nuts if necessary between meals.

4. Skip some of the most common offenders such as salad dressings and yogurts by opting for the plain version and adding your own twist such as Olive Oil with added herbs for your salad or plain yogurt with fresh fruit.

5. A good way to help minimise the damage caused by sugar in alcohol is to opt for the following drink options. The following drinks contain around 2 grams of sugar which is safer for your teeth. These are, wine, champagne or bottled beer. It is also a good idea to alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water, this can help rinse your mouth and hopefully minimise the damage caused by sugar.

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