Success Stories


General Dentistry Patient - Carole's Success Story

“The overall treatment that I get here is excellent. You always get a warm welcome from the reception and phoning up to make an appointment is very good and efficient. I like the dentist and I like the Hygienist that I see as well. I have every confidence that they are looking after me. I get excellent treatment; I know if I had an emergency I would be seen very quickly and it gives me confidence that my teeth and healthy and are in good condition.”

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Filling and Extraction Patient - Alan's Success Story

“I had one tooth removed which was quite a long procedure, but they did a good job and the second procedure was having a filling which again was a lengthy process but very professional. The dentist was very professional, kept me informed of everything he was going to do, from the needle to pulling the tooth, giving me breathers, cos it was quite painful at times. But on the whole, it was a fantastic job.”

Dental Implants Patient - Andrew's Success Story

“When I first saw my smile when I had the implant fitted I was really happy with it because Kirsty the assistant and Kristof gave me a set of different shades I could have for my teeth and it was an absolute perfect match and I’m really really happy with the treatment I’ve been given. Kristof was a smashing bloke; he was from Greece and we had just had a holiday in Skiathos, so he’s been there, so we got on like a house on fire.”

General Dentistry Patient - Sam's Success Story

“I have just been coming to this practice for checkups and scale and polish, just usual maintenance. I think the overall treatment in the practice is great they are all professional and friendly, very welcoming.
The dentist that treats me I think is lovely, he is calm and patient and attentive and very professional. I would recommend him definitely.”